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Team Nathaniel Rewards Explained

I think it’s really important to get to know who my supporters are and appreciate and reward them when they’re helping me spread the word about my music. And the easiest way that you can help me do that, is to share my website with other people so they can enjoy my music too.Kick Out Of You EP - Nathaniel

So what I’ve done is set up a way to acknowledge you every time you share my website on social media or by email! Every time you use any of the share buttons on my website (like at the top of this page) and tell your friends about me, your ‘share count’ will go up behind the scenes and Ill be able to tell how awesome you are! Pretttyyyyy pretttyyy cooooooool huh!?

Also when you’ve shared a certain number of times I will get in touch with you to thank you, and if you keep on sharing my music with other people there will be plenty of treats and rewards in store JUST FOR YOU! Oh Yeah!
Rewards will include: Shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook, Earning your 'Team Nathaniel Badges'
hand mailed, a physical copy of the EP, and even possibly a live stream of me playing what you like (for the people who share the most).

So! It only works if you actually share the content and not if you just click the buttons, and a good way to repeatedly share is to use the Facebook 'Share' and 'Send' buttons so you can post one at a time to people's Facebook wall, group or inbox.

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Looking forward to
being in touch with you,
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